What She Writes

As you may have noticed, I like to write.

These are a few of my favorite articles that I’ve written. All of them were written for one of my classes or another but they all found their way to at least one format of publication.

I prefer to write in short form but sometimes I just can’t stop myself from truly rambling on about something. Here are some of those best ramblings.


Hockey Is A Grind

Covering the Lightning: Hip Checks aren’t just for players. BY HILLARY TERHUNE NNB Student Reporter TAMPA – Hockey is a grind, and not just for the players. The sport is often called the “fastest game on Earth,” and with players who can reach speeds of 20 mph on skates and hit slap shots that travel … Continue reading Hockey Is A Grind

J. Hop Times

INSIDE A STRUGGLING MIDDLE SCHOOL, THE STUDENT NEWSPAPER IS THRIVING   BY HILLARY TERHUNE NNB Student Reporter ST. PETERSBURG – The road to a career in journalism is filled with bumps and ruts – awkward phrasing, butchered grammar, factual errors, misspelled names. That’s why teacher Tom Zucco begins his journalism class every day with a writing … Continue reading J. Hop Times

3 Daughters Internship

INTERNS FIND THE SCIENCE IN THE BREW JANUARY 8, 2015 12:34 PM Beer and college are practically symbiotic — you can’t have one without the other. The long-standing relationship reached a new level in November 2013 when 3 Daughters Brewing, a new brewery at 222 22nd St. S in the Midtown area, partnered with USF St. Petersburg … Continue reading 3 Daughters Internship

Pet Pal Animal Shelter

ITS MISSION: GIVE UNWANTED ANIMALS A SECOND CHANCE JANUARY 19, 2015 2:04 PM A portly black cat slouches across a counter near the entrance of Pet Pal Animal Shelter, almost like he owns the place. “That’s Romeo; he works here,” said Scott Daly, the shelter’s executive director. Romeo is one of a few permanent residents at … Continue reading Pet Pal Animal Shelter

Tervis Tumbler

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